Promag CP900 RFID Cashless Payment Reader

Secure cashless payment with encryption and dynamic key generation

With the CP900 Cashless Payment RFID Reader you can easily implement a cashless payment system.
Built with multiple layers of encryption and dynamic key generating technology the CP900 is secure and can be used with confidence.

The Cashless Payment Reader features some impressive, configurable controls such as multiple relay triggering modes, variable LED colour and deduction, LCD text, and membership level discount.

* Card Type: MIFARE® Classic 1K/4K bytes for ISO14443A
* Interface: RS232, RS485
* No. of logged transactions: 65,528
* No. of logged commands: 640
* No. of blacklist records: 2048
* No. of LCD Messages
* Display: 20x2 LCD (Text mode)
* Buzzer
* Relay
* Input Sensor x 2
* Tamper
* RTC with backup battery

* RS485 network speed: 19,200 bit/s

* Voltage: 9V ~ 24V
* RF Frequency: 13.56 MHz

* Operating Temperature: 0C ~ +50C
* Storage Temperature: -10C ~ +60C
* Humidity: 10 ~ 90 relative

* Cashless Payment
* POS Payment
* Food Court
* Meal Coupon
* Membership Management
* Registration System
* Ticketing System
* Prepaid Car Parking System
* Admission Control
* Master and User

Specifications subject to change

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B.V.